A good school is family-oriented and helps to form an independent and capable individual.

What makes a seriously good school is an emotionally healthy and productive environment, where children feel happy, and are not only preparing for their future, but already living life to the full.

We help schools to generate such an environment.
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Since 2018, we have been introducing the School is the Center of Society framework and supporting schools that are ready to build open communities, with the participation of pupils and their families, teachers and principals, alumni, entrepreneurs and local residents. In this community, partnerships of trust are established between the school and the family.

Our tools and projects enable you to create a community with your school!
We have developed a step by step guide for those who want to:

Build a community around their school
Engage the parents of pupils in the education process
Create a supportive environment for staff and pupil development
Bring in additional resources for the school
Online Course "School is the Center of Society"
More than 5,000 people have already registered for the course
Online Course "School is the Center of Society"
Discover your community's real level of development with our tool, find points of growth, and get recommendations on how to enhance it.

The tool is based on the methodology developed by the Rybakov Foundation in collaboration with the Pinsky Center of General and Extracurricular Education, and the National Research University Higher School of Economics, drawing on the real experience of schools in Russia and abroad.
School Community Diagnostic Tool
Several schools are currently testing the tool, which will be released to the public in the spring. But you can read our playbook How a School Can Create a Community and Become Stronger (In Russian) right now, to learn many new things and be inspired by real-life examples!
Rybakov School Award with a grand-prix of one million rubles
In March, season two of the Rybakov School Award competition-game began.
This is one of the largest and most ground-breaking educational competitions for everyone from all over the world!

The first season of the competition in 2020 attracted 5,300 participants from 1,200 schools, including teachers, principals, pupils and their families, alumni and affiliates of the school. In real time, they developed a community, brought in new resources, and posted all of it on social networks - 10 thousand posts were published under the #rsa_2020 hashtag.
In the end the founders of the foundation, Igor and Ekaterina Rybakov, couldn't choose just one grand-prix winner and handed out one million rubles to three schools at once.
Rybakov Preschool Award in honor of Lev Vygotsky
This competition is for those promoting child-centered preschool education. But don't scroll past too quickly! For the first time in five years, there was a Continuity category in the competition. We are on the look-out for paired applications from school and kindergarten staff who help children to transition smoothly from preschool to elementary school and benefit from a continuous educational experience.

Five pairs of winners are waiting to receive 200 thousand rubles each and will attend the legendary Rybakov Foundation Summer School, which will fire you up for the future and offer new friendships.
The Rybakov Foundation Educational Community
We create a vibrant community of like-minded people: school representatives, families and educational entrepreneurs who are driven by change. We hang out, work, and enjoy ourselves! We conduct webinars, hackathons, online and offline meetings and pajama parties!
The Rybakov Foundation Educational Community