Education is the most powerful force for worldwide change
Education for Life, Education for Families
Who makes the world better?
Leaders. They initiate change and help new leaders to be discovered through communities
What’s a community?
An environment of trust and support.
Where everyone can expand their horizons and achieve success
What does Rybakov Foundation do?
Since 2015, Rybakov Foundation promotes systemic change in education, most notably by discovering leaders and maximizing their potential through ecosystem projects, as well as supporting school, entrepreneur, women-focused, teacher and parent communities
In 2021, Rybakov Foundation became the Russian hub for the global decentralized movement EdHeroes
Support and protect the interests of families from around the world by ensuring access to high-quality education. This is our contribution to the Fourth Sustainable Development Goal as formulated by the UN
Rybakov Foundation ecosystem projects
Igor Rybakov
“Education is all about dialogue, cultural engagement, intergenerational interactions. Our successors require education to adopt our values and ways of doing things. We also require education because, sooner or later, we discover within ourselves the need to share our experiences. To put it simply, every person is a teacher, every teacher is a student!”
Ekaterina Rybakova
“We are in constant need of self-improvement. And if our knowledge isn’t limited to theoretics but improves wellbeing and life satisfaction, then we’re all the better for it! I’m certain that education is the most reliable way of influencing the world. Teaching, sharing knowledge, helping students grow — these are our major goals. A person needs to work together with like-minded individuals to become truly strong. We can’t do it on our own! It’s about being a part of a community where people think and learn together and support each other. Where does strength originate? In the people around us.”
Board members
2022, Top Women Awards
Laureate, “Consulting, education, and business training” — Ekaterina Rybakova
2022, Forbes
2022, RAEX
TOP20 Charity Foundations Founded by Russian Entrepreneurs — 8th place
TOP20 Corporate and Private NPOs in terms of Partnership Potential — 3rd place
Awards & Ratings
2021, Stevie Awards
Rybakov School Award –
“Marketing Campaign of the Year” (non-profit sector), Bronze Award
2022, Silver Mercury
2021, Forbes Philanthropist of the Year Awards
Silver Award, “Education” — Rybakov School Award
For contributing to the development of education — Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov
Awards & Ratings
2021, Silver Archer
Award finalist, “Education” — Rybakov School Award
2021, GPM Awards Russia
Education Category Winner — Rybakov School Award, 2021, GPM Awards Russia
Rybakov School Award included in Top Partnership Projects
Awards & Ratings
2020, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business
“Manager of the Year” (state or non-profit organizations) — Ekaterina Rybakova
Awards & Ratings